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 Types of Metals we Recycle:  Automobile Metal Parts / Auto Cores:
  • Aluminum Metal
  • Copper Metal
  • Brass Metal
  • Stainless Metal
  • Steel alloys of all types
  • Metal Manufacturing Scraps
  • Sheet iron
  • Aluminum Cans / Click Here for other recyclable items
  • Ferrous Metals / Non Ferrous Metals

  • Car & Truck Catalytic Converter
  • Car & Truck A/C Compressors / Alternators / Starters
  • Car & Truck Aluminum Rims
  • Car & Truck Aluminum Radiators
  • Car & Truck Batteries
  • Car & Truck Engines
  • Transmissions / Hard Parts / Transfer cases
  • Car or Truck Wire Harness
  • Irony Aluminum & Metals
 Edge Metals Recycling Roll Off Services:  Edge Metals Recycling Broker Services:
  • Container service programs
  • Roll-offs & Gaylord boxes
  • Pick-up and trucking service-local/nationwide
  • Serving local & global markets
  • Serving Industry, Manufacturing, & Trades
  • Retail, Wholesale, & Brokerage
  • Broker Full Container loads of scrap metal, Zorba
  • Broker Nationwide for Alternators, Starters & Electric Motors
  • Broker Nationwide for Sealed Units
  • Broker Nationwide for scrap Copper & scrap Aluminum Loads
  • Broker Pick-up and trucking service local/nationwide
  • Serving local & global markets
 Edge Metals Recycling Export Engine Program:

We ship Engines, A/C Compressors, Alternators, Starters Fans, Steering Boxes and more. We ship to: Venezuela, Guatemala, Coast Rica, Haiti and Mexico.

Scrap #1 Copper, #2 Copper
Scrap #1 Insulated, #2 Insulated
Scrap Clean or Irony Brass
Scrap Stainless Steel Recycling
Scrap Copper Metal Recycling
Scrap Aluminum Extrusion
Sheet, Cast, Irony Aluminum
Scrap Aluminum
Scrap Irony Aluminum
Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling
Scrap A/C Pumps Recycling
Scrap Alternator Recycling
Car or Truck Scrap Batteries
Car or Truck Scrap Rims
Scrap Radiators, Scrap Starters
Scrap Transmission Cores
Scrap Auto Wire Harness
Scrap Car Parts
Scrap Motors

Roll-offs & Gaylord boxes
Trucking Services
Export Engine Program
Broker Full Container loads
Broker scrap metal, Zorba
Export Auto Cores
Export Vehicle Parts
Export Transmission Cores
Serving local & global markets
Retail, Wholesale, & Brokerage
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